Saturday, December 27, 2008


sorry i don't really have anything to say this week because im currently relaxing in florida with carlos cousin... Andre in West plam Beach... it is a blast all though i am sad that we only have one more week... but thats ok im pretty burnt already.. tomorrow we will head back to sarasota to spend the last week there with with my family.... we will be back probably jan 3 or so ... and then i will definetly post pics of this amazingly fun trip we are having!
Hope everyone had a very merry christmas... and i hope everyone enjoys there New Years!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Who is Really Remembering?!

Look at me go another post haha!

Is the holiday season always this busy is it just me?! I guess people are usually pretty busy and crazy at this time of year... but i mean honestly people being trampled to death and shot on black friday... i really wonder what God must be thinking as he is watching everything thats going on.... I think what ashley said on her blog today is sooo right.... All we really need is Jesus in this season... especailly as we are so busy lets try to stop and remember the reason for the season! (I am saying this more to myself) Even though lately has been so busy and hard i want to put jesus first this season and remember to thank God for sending his only son to die for us... what a sacrafice! None of us can even begin to understand!

In a week i will be leaving for a much needed vacation and i am so thankful....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A small part of the fam... jess and the infamous Frank shank (of course in his softball uniform!)

i know i know i haven't posted in like a hundred years... and i am sorry for my early new years resolution i would like to promise i will post atleast once a week.. we'll see how that works out haha

Anyways in the light of the holidays i would like to say how thankful i am for husband family and friends. They are all so amazing!

My husband is great.... he puts up with me and for that i am thankful for!
and of course to my wonderful friends who been here for me the past few months always letting me complain and listen to all my lovely health issues! love you guys and thanks for making my life so much darn fun!