Tuesday, June 21, 2011

what if we crossed the reasons off

This so does not just apply to adoptions it applies to being used in any area of what God calls us to. Any area that God asks us to give up our American "dreams" for his dreams!

I am not going to lie I am afraid of what God is showing me. Going out of our comfort zone sounds sooo cool and watching people do it makes me heart beat with enthusiasm for them.  But doing it myself makes me feel all kinds of nervousness and selfishness.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dream, Dream, Dream

God's plans seldom make sense. They often appear crazy, to us and especially to others.

We hear his voice calling out to us, to step out in faith. It's scary and we often ask "Is that really what your asking God?".  Have we heard him wrong? Was that really him?

Most of us get caught up in dreams. I think dreams and aspirations are great. But I am only human and can only see my plans not God's. I don't always know what is best. I just know what I want. So why is it that we are so willing to put everything on the line for our dreams? Follow your dreams everyone says! If you want it bad enough you can get it. Have you ever stopped to ask what God wants. Is my dream the same as God's plan?

You can find tons of books on following your dreams. Don't you know you will achieve true happiness if you follow your dream? Maybe I am wrong but I think we push to hard on the dreams part and not hard enough on God's plans. We are imperfect and for many of us our dreams change like the winds. We get a taste of success, fame, money and we know for sure that is what God wants for us. Why wouldn't he want us to be happy? Why wouldn't he want us to have money and fame?I think that when we only listen to our wants I believe we miss his plans. Or we choose not to listen because his plans often sound crazy and are hard. We want to be able to see the end of the story before we proceed with it.

I believe if we ask God he will see the desires of our hearts. He wants us to be happy and live a life full of peace, love, and Joy. It's just that he can see the whole picture and we can't. That means he always knows what best for us even if its not our dream!