Tuesday, June 3, 2008

o boy

when you have been praying about something and pondering something for awhile its very strange when out of the blue you just recieve the answer just like that! At 2:22 Am God woke me up and told me the answer to what i have been praying about. Accept the answer was alittle different then what i expected but o well.... Trust in the lord with all your heart!

Things are so busy right now i just feel like the summer is just going to pass by in a blink.... Every weekend we have plans for the beach, poconos, weddings, youth group activities and on and on. Whooo i just can't wait till all theese weddings and everything are over so i can slow down a little!

I guess i should post some pics of cruise on here soon! Thats on my to do list hahah we will see if i get to that before summer ends!