Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All about me...

I guess I am at one hundred posts... Sooo therefore you are supposed to write 100 things about yourself.. I don't think I can do that but I guess I"ll see how far I get

1. I am the oldest of four girls.
2. I am one of 68 grandchild on my dads side.
3. I will be married four years in May to my best friend!
4. I got married when I was 19
5. Which means I will be turning 23 on April 29th
6.I have a daughter Elianna she is 19 months old
7. I have a son Julian he is 3 months old
8. Yes that makes them 16 months apart :-)
9. I love to read! Anything and everything but especially non-fiction.
10. I love to purchase books because I will reread them lots of times and love to pass them around to friends!
11. I have recently decided to embrace my calling to be a homemaker as something I actually enjoy!
12. Which means I have discovered I love to bake! (My hubby also loves this!)
13. I have been a christian for a long time but until I got married had really never lived out my faith the way I should!
14. I love kids... love love love them.
15. I do lots and lots of babysitting from my home and at other's homes.
16. I love adoption and my husband and I plan to adopt someday.
17. I sponsor a little girl who is around 10 through compassion who I try to pray for often and seriously get so excited when I recieve letters from her!
18. I love to laugh and make people laugh!
19. The best kind of laughter for me is the kind where I laugh so hard I start crying and can hardly breath.. this happens often to me because my husband is absolutely hilarious!
20. Speaking of tears.. I cry so easy. I cry when others cry. I cry at commericials. I cry at stories. I just pretty much cry over anything.
21. My two closest friends are my Mom and my Granny.
22. But I am blessed to have so many friends.
23. I just love people!
24. I also love to talk.
25. I have a serious love for learning.. which ties into reading but I absolutely love reading the bible and studying it and I sign up for any bible study I can attend.
26. I have led a biblestudy from my home which I loved.
27. I love to help others.. compassion and serving are my spiritual gifts.
28. My love language is words of affirmation and then quality time.
29. I am a serious bargin hunter.. I shop at godwill and tons of yardsales. I get most of my groceries from a dent and bent grocery store.
30. I only do one big grocery shopping trip once a month.
31. When I cook I look up recipes then I tweak em to how I want them or to put in what I have.
32. When my groceries are low I throw together whatever I find in the pantry and fridge.
33. I love to sing.. but unfortunatly am not great at it. Yes I am one of those drivers who is singing obnoxiously along to every song on the radio.
34. I know pretty much all the words to country music from the 90s especially Tim Mcgraw.
35. I love christian rap! Mostly because of my obsession with shaking my bootty..
36. This obssesion has been passed on to my lovely daughter who now proceeds to shake her booty anytime any kind of music is turned on. To cute!
37. I keep a prayer journal and write in it a lot.
38. I love to write and once started to write a book when I was around 18 or so. My sister recently found it and read it. She said she couldn't stop reading it... Now she said I need to write the end so she can find out what happens.
39. I like to sleep in... which isn't a great thing for a wife and mom since the most productive hours really are in the morning.
40. However I do my devotions.. God time, in the afternoon when both kids are sleeping.
41.  I am very girly.. I love pink and seriously love stuff with sparkles!
42. Love going for walks and especially love when my hubby goes with.
43. Some of my goals for this year are making soap, learn to cook healthier, work on learning to sew better, grow some food, and run a 5k. There are so many more but that's just to name a few.
44. I have been to a lot of different countries. Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Jamica, Cayman Islands, Haiti, and Colombia. We love to travel!
45. I have went on vacation to my granny's florida house every year of my life!
46. I attended private school till 10th grade then homeschooled till I graduated.
47. I hope this year to spend a lot more time volunteering and really spending time being Jesus' hands and feet to those around me!
48. Did I mention I have two kids... because I absolutely love them!
49. Oh yeah! In case you haven't noticed I also have a serious obssesion with exclamation marks!!
50. and well thats all folks I am sure you're tired of hearing about me after all I sure am tired of writing about me!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Look whos becoming a farm girl

.... That's right! ME! O.k. so I am not really becoming a farm girl. Yet anyways. I am just moving to one. Here's how God had it all go down...

I have a bad habit or maybe some would refer to it as an obsession of looking at houses for sale. This is all due partially to my love for dreaming of my next home and honestly partially due to my lack of contentment with my current home. (I am trying so hard to work on the contentment issue.) We had been talking quite a bit about the great interest rates and awesome prices and thought maybe we could buy something now. After much thought and prayer we realized this just would not be the case. After all we only have one income and we want to try and lower our mortgage payments on the next home we purchase. But because of our current super high mortgage we can hardly put any money into savings. This makes it hard to put away for our next place.

One day during my afternoon God time and rest time I was praying and felt the nudge. (Love me some God nudges!) I had talked to my friend once about a farm house that her brother and his wife and rented for such a great price. I spoke to her about it and she quickly found out all the details. Turns out the people were moving out beginning of April. Ok God! If we were to rent the farm we would be going from around 60 to 70% of our income going to our mortgage to about 20% going to rent. Wow! Huge difference.

While on my way to bible study the next day I prayed... God send me a sign if this is what you want us to do. suddenly around the corner came my sign. I was like "Thank you God!" Ok maybe at first I was like "Was that really a sign God?". But ohhh so silly me I knew this was a sign! Because, I had asked for wisdom just as it says in James and God had given it to me!

Even though some dout still filled my mind, can anyone say Hello Gideon? We decided to step out in faith. We told four people that we were going to sell our house. Within twenty four hours one of the friends I had told texted me and said she had a friend interested. Umm What?! You see in this market you can pretty much count on at least six months your house will sit on the market. I was so excited. God is so awesome!

A few days later we received a call from the women who was going to purchase it letting us know she couldn't afford it.  Then it came.. his voice. The deceiver whispering in my ear "See I told you that this wouldn't work out. He isn't really faithful. You misunderstood him." For a few minutes I listened then OUT LOUD I said Satan I will NOT believe you! Then to my faithful Lord I said I KNOW you will work it all out.

Two hours later. My phone rang, she changed her mind (or should I say God changed her mind). She was going to buy the house.

God is so awesome he has been showing me so much lately. Oh how little I have believed but he is so faithful and I certainly do not deserve his wonderful grace! Especially when I am such a doubting Thomas sometimes.

Please pray with us that everything thing would go through with her mortgage so that we will hopefully be settling on our house in may.

Then I will be living on a farm. Oh boy! But more about that later because I hear Prince JC calling for me!

Core Lies

I am super excited to read this ebook and I incourage you guys to check it out too!

My lovely friend Sarah Mae wrote it and I know from our many long chats that this will be a great book! Did I mention its free? Love! Hope you enjoy it!