Saturday, December 27, 2008


sorry i don't really have anything to say this week because im currently relaxing in florida with carlos cousin... Andre in West plam Beach... it is a blast all though i am sad that we only have one more week... but thats ok im pretty burnt already.. tomorrow we will head back to sarasota to spend the last week there with with my family.... we will be back probably jan 3 or so ... and then i will definetly post pics of this amazingly fun trip we are having!
Hope everyone had a very merry christmas... and i hope everyone enjoys there New Years!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Who is Really Remembering?!

Look at me go another post haha!

Is the holiday season always this busy is it just me?! I guess people are usually pretty busy and crazy at this time of year... but i mean honestly people being trampled to death and shot on black friday... i really wonder what God must be thinking as he is watching everything thats going on.... I think what ashley said on her blog today is sooo right.... All we really need is Jesus in this season... especailly as we are so busy lets try to stop and remember the reason for the season! (I am saying this more to myself) Even though lately has been so busy and hard i want to put jesus first this season and remember to thank God for sending his only son to die for us... what a sacrafice! None of us can even begin to understand!

In a week i will be leaving for a much needed vacation and i am so thankful....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


A small part of the fam... jess and the infamous Frank shank (of course in his softball uniform!)

i know i know i haven't posted in like a hundred years... and i am sorry for my early new years resolution i would like to promise i will post atleast once a week.. we'll see how that works out haha

Anyways in the light of the holidays i would like to say how thankful i am for husband family and friends. They are all so amazing!

My husband is great.... he puts up with me and for that i am thankful for!
and of course to my wonderful friends who been here for me the past few months always letting me complain and listen to all my lovely health issues! love you guys and thanks for making my life so much darn fun!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Did this really happen...

your ship has come in!
yes its true the foot with the funny looking stuff on it is mine... yay for sun posioning...

one of my favorite experiences was when we wend to feed the gaint stringrays carlos is acting like im scared and trying to comfort me but we know who was really actually afraid! :-)
these ladies my trip such a blast!
it got so windy on the top deck one night that we could lean against the wind

Though poverty stricken haiti is breathtaking
i forgot how much i loved the blue blue water....
ohh jamica... who could forget after all i did climb a giant waterfall and end up needing to be rescued

our cruise group!

The cruise ohh but a faint memory.....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

o boy

when you have been praying about something and pondering something for awhile its very strange when out of the blue you just recieve the answer just like that! At 2:22 Am God woke me up and told me the answer to what i have been praying about. Accept the answer was alittle different then what i expected but o well.... Trust in the lord with all your heart!

Things are so busy right now i just feel like the summer is just going to pass by in a blink.... Every weekend we have plans for the beach, poconos, weddings, youth group activities and on and on. Whooo i just can't wait till all theese weddings and everything are over so i can slow down a little!

I guess i should post some pics of cruise on here soon! Thats on my to do list hahah we will see if i get to that before summer ends!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cooking the first thing on the LIST.

I am so happy to finally have a computer. I Forgot how much i love the internet and blogging. I am so encouraged by all these sahm and sahw im excited to start my journey here online with everyone else around to support me. Being young married in its self is hard enough but wanting to master the divine calling of homemaker is whole nother ball game. Sometimes its ovewhelming thinking about all the things that go into it and all the things i want to learn and accomplish. Thankfully life is about learning and growing and it doesn't have to all be accomplished in one week. (phew!) I really want to master skills of homemaking before i have little ones running around because i know it only gets harder from there. So i guess you all can just sit back and watch me learn (or struggle for that matter) because this is the journey of a young wife working her way towards a family and home that honors God.

  • Mommy To be List
So let me tell you about my Mommy To be list. (No I am not pregnant) These all just things i would like to accomplish or improve before i start my journey of motherhood. Now, i am well aware that i will never be completely prepared or organized for that matter. But, i feel like girls/women don't seem to really start preparing themselves before children or marriage for that matter. Like myself i should have really worked on all these great things before i jumped into marriage full of endless laundry, dirty toilets, and uncooked meals. I figured whats the big deal i mean how hard could it be right?! (i give you permission to chuckle to here) So i really want you guys to journey with me as work throught this crazy, challenging, but rewarding path to becoming a better homemaker, wife, and God willing some day a mommy.

The first thing on my Mommy to be list to accomplish is

1. is cooking and i mean the delicious finger licking home cooking not my usual hamburger helper and french fry casserole.

So that means no more excuses no more i can't do it. It's time for me to get to that grocery store, get what i need, and get to work. I need to try atleast one new recipe in the next week and i need to be held a accountable so i will have to post on here how its going. So wish my luck and if you have any great tips for a new wife struggling in the kitchen i would really appreciate them. And i want to throw a challenge out there to all you wives try out a new recipe this week and let me know how it goes.

Thanks for journeying with me!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I love the 50's

i Just love this weather! I couldn't be more ready for spring... but unfortunatly this weather is not here to stay.... yet! I am reminded that God does everything in his own good time. Just like so many other things in life. Sometimes it seems like you have been searching for an answer forever and just can't understand why it feels like he doesn't hear you. But i have to remember we live by God's timing not our own. Thankfully because i have a feeling my own time managment wouldn't be that great! :-) SO until then i will enjoy the 50's!

Monday, March 3, 2008

yay im a blogger

finally i'm a blogger! yay! It's so exciting except i don't have time to blog today!
haha whats new!