Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time For a Change

My life is a constant cycle of change.. as it should be. This being the case and the current journey we are about to head on I feel it's time to move onto a different a blog and start over. This is has been great but was lacking a lot of me. I have never really showed this blog to really many of my friends and have keep it kind of on the down low due to worrying about what people will think of me. I am getting over that. As a matter of fact I am finding out that more people are starting to respect more now that I am just being me. The new changing me.
I think this new journey is a lot like the journey the Israelites took out of Egypt, a time of moving on leaving the old behind and forging forward on a new better path God has for me.
If you wondering what this new blog will be about, well, it will be about our new health journey. It will be about my new passion for how we can show God's love right where we are. It will take you a long on my attempts to craft and organize. Its going to be a mumble jumble of me. Maybe thats not the "right" way a blog should work. But it's me and God has given me my passions and talents. It's time the world meets the real me. Sooo stop by later this week and check out the new blog!