Monday, January 25, 2010

Schedule for your 4 month old?!

after reading some posts on the bump i realize i am officially a bad stay at home mom.. i mean do people really plan out every minute of the day with their 4 month old. Tummy time, swing time, book time singing time, jump-a-roo time... and ect. Heres what my day looks like.... whatever Miss Elianna wants to do... she is the boss of her ownself.. she is after all only 5 months old... so therefore i guess i am worst stay at home mom ever. lol Good thing she is taking a nap now so that i can spend time planning out what the two of us will do for the rest of the day till she goes to bed tonight!.. i gotta stop reading the bump but then again where would i get all my laughs for the day?! lol
I love being a mom because no day is ever the same!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not Me tuesday

I certianly am NOT doing a post for the first time in like two years. Let alone the fact that i am most definetly not doing a NOT Me Monday post on a tuesday! Because, on my Not Me monday i did NOT wake up and immediatly turn on Gilmore Girls season one. But most importantly i absolutely did NOT watch around 7 hours of gilmore girls (What?! Carlos is on vacation so, so am i!) Which means that that girl who stayed in her pjs till 7 and only changed when her parents came over to play some Shang Hi was sooo NOT me! Without a dout we did NOT play Shang Hi till 12:00! I am also positive i did NOT eat an unmentionable amount of junk food cookies and popsicles on NOT Me Monday instead of anything substantial. And, the best part is i am so completely sure I did NOT sleep through the whole night without waking once until 9am! (unlike the past years worth of nights).... So therefore i would say whosever life this is a pretty lazy crazy girl... but she most certianly is NOT Me!!!!