Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The difference God makes in my choice to stay at home

Since getting preggors I am back to frequenting the pregnancy boards over at the bump.

It seems like everywhere on the internet the hot button topic is Stay at home moms versus working moms.

Here is some of a post I ran across.

"I am totally baffled by how many posters took the stance of "it is so important for me to be home with my child. We will make it work even though my salary pays for important bills." I literally cannot comprehend how someone would think it is OK to quit their job - a job that they admit pays for important bills like car payments, insurance, cell phones, etc - when it clearly isn't financially responsible. How is it responsible to put yourself in a poor financial situation?"

This really stuck out to me because well I'm going to be honest my mind has been spinning with all this fear lately. Financial Fear!

I just have to keep reminding myself, This isn't about finances. It isn't about having a career that makes ME feel fulfilled. This isn't about ME at all. It's about God and for right now this is what God called me to.

Time to suck it up and make some real sacrafices I have been trying to avoid. But, God calls us to give it all to follow him and for me that included my super fulfilling ME career.

The difference in "my decision" is it wasn't really "my decision" at all it is what God called me to do!