Monday, October 11, 2010


It seems every single blog lately has been on the topic of Halloween. Around our house it's know as my Moms birthday. I have never ever gone tricker treating or ever given out anything to any tricker treaters. My parents did not want us to celebrate it. But now I am a mom (still weird to me) and so King Los and I had to decide what we wanted to do. It wasn'ts a hard decision for us to make because after hearing a women who was a witch and then later in life become a christian, there was never a dout in our minds if we wanted to participate in Halloween. But instead of telling you my opinion (because really my opinion does not matter) I would like to challenge all of you if you are having a hard time deciding what to do this year for Halloween.

Look to God's word. Check out the orgin behind Halloween. Go with you conscience and live in love, don't judge others!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Easy Peasy Serving

I know this post is way overdue but we made a decision to end our Internet last week henceforth making it a little hard to blog. However I will still continue to try and blog from my parents house since I spend a fair amount of time there.

So back to Easy ways to serve from home

*The best and easiest way to serve others from home is prayer!
And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the saints.
Ephesians 6:18

My Granny a wise and godly woman, spends so much time praying. She says that because of her age she feels as if she cannot do much anymore so she spends lots of time in prayer for her family and others. Lots of people call her and tell her their prayer requests and she adds them to her written list and spends time in prayer on each of them. She prays for anyone and everyone no matter if she knows them or not. She is a prayer warrior and inspires me to pray more. Sometimes there is not much we can do for people, but people can always use prayer! Whatever you do. Do not be a person who says they will pray for someone but always forgets. When you commit to praying for someone or a situation, write it down and make sure you pray for it. Prayer is such a great way to serve others.

* Another thing that is of great encouragement for others is sending notes or cards. We live in a time where people barely have time for a simple phone call but there is nothing like receiving a note or card. Telling someone you are praying for them (and actually are) or telling them you have been thinking of them is so encouraging. Wether they are going through a difficult time or just busy raising their little ones it always means a lot. It's so simple and you can buy blank packs of cards at the dollar tree!

*Taking meals. I'll admit the idea of that often sends me into a panic. I never know what to take people and alway fear I am not a good enough cook. But taking someone a meal after a baby is born, a love one passes away, someone has surgery, or just to give them a night off is such a blessing! I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am to my friends and family who brought me meals after princess Eli was born. You don't even have to take a meal you could just send a plate of brownies with your hubby to take to the guys at work or to the unsaved neighbors. These kinds of things set us apart from the world and show God's love through small things. I know the guys at King Los' job love when I send stuff like peach pie and brownies and all kinds of goodies and I know it makes King Los proud to take them.

*Babysitting. Paying a babysitter can get expensive and not everyone is blessed like to me to have their family around them. How bout once a month offering a couple with young child a night of free babysitting so they could have a date night. Marriages right now are falling apart and one of the best things for couples is time alone together. What a blessing to offer a couple a free night of babysitting or a busy mom a few hours to run errands.

*Hosting exchange students or fresh air kids. This is such an excellent way to show God to unbelievers. I have had the privilege to see my parents host several exchange of which were not Christians but were able to find about Jesus and the gospel while staying here. You can build lifelong friendships through these kinds of programs and can really impact kids lives for the lord. You never know what kind of an impact just one or two weeks at your home watching your family could do for a non christian from china or anywhere in the world.

There is so many other great ways. Volunteering at a homeless shelter. Giving food to a food bank. Working on your elderly neighbor's yard. Sponsoring an orphan. Pray and ask God for opportunities to serve and he will show you! He is glad you are choosing to put your family first and will always show you people and ways you can serve while still doing that. Not to mention the best way to serve is right a long side your family teaching them how to live out God's word through serving and instilling the love to serve in your children.